Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Science allows a lot of time to think. Especially of things other than your experiment.

So today was a day for cleaning in the lab. We have an inspection coming up this Thursday and seeing as Keith is on the Clean Lab Committee or something or another our lab must set an example.

A plethora of cleaning products were available to use at my discretion, and somehow (most likely because of the mix of smells in the air) I got to thinking about scents. The most notable scent was when I was cleaning around the sinks. When you get the lab counters wet I swear it smells exactly like the air conditioner in my dad's truck after it rains. Specifically. Not the heater after it rains, not the AC on a hot day (although then it never works.)

I then compiled a list in my head of my favorite smells: (in no particular order)
1. Windex with ammonia (one of my least favorite smells? Cheapo glass cleaner. Plegh.)
2. Hot liqued being poured on chocolate (e.g. making hot cocoa, superchoclatey cakes, fudge, etc.)
3. a Yankee Home Sweet Home Candle
4. Lavendar, orange blossoms, and orchids
5. Gasoline
6. An old book
7. Old Spice (so delicious)
8. The smell of my lab when you first walk in. It's this pollen-ey, dusty, humid, earthy and yet somehow still sterile smell.
9. IcyHot, although that is a love hate relationship. It makes me nervous, but I know it will make me feel better.
10. Wood and leather. Nowadays I feel as if everything is made of plastic or vinyl or other cheap non-renewable sources. I love the smell of wood, especially when it's all orange-oiled up and shiny (see favorite smell #4), and the smell of some quality leather boots or bag, oh and shoe-polish. Sighhhh...

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